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  1. nonsense comment ". "tuldok ayos ah suspend kayo sakin
  2. Changelog: New XLoader build date 4-15-21 New XLoader build date 3-31-21, this include new HID. Current Hack: UnrealZen Premium Full v1.7d Hack Screenshot: Supported OS: Windows 7 (x64) Windows 10 (x64) Hotkeys HIDE/UNHIDE MENU = F2 Note Don't enable Change player feature (Disconnected to the Game) Don't use unlimited ammo if you will use a grenade (Disconnected to the Game + Account Ban) Only Enable Anti Kick if you are ingame to avoid being disconnected in game, once the match is done disable the a
  3. Log OFF: Wrong user and pass input ( some symbols are not allowed ) Usable Time is less than Current Time - TIMEOUT status - ( none donators only ) HID (Hardware ID) not activated Loader HID and Forum HID are different (Wrong PC used) Status not ready to use - ( none donators only ) Adware and Virus infection ( check recommended antivirus below for repairing infection ) Error Load X: Least-Privilege ( run as admin ) Virus infection Outdated target client ( Crossfire client, etc... ) Error Load I:
  4. Activated activated na pls wag na comment ng comment pag na activate na
  5. Activated Activated na to sa account mo na JustineK
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