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  1. class DB_CHARACTER_INFO { public: int serial = -1;//0xAC0 int ForceType = -1;//0xAC4 int Skin = -1;//0xAC8 char skinCode[12];//0xACC int skinSerial = -1;//0xAD8 int equipCount = -1;//0xADC char code[12];//0xB30 class EquipmentInfo { public: int EquipDefineID = -1; int equipSerial = -1; EquipmentInfo(int _v1, int _v2) : EquipDefineID(_v1), equipSerial(_v2) {} }; std::vector< EquipmentInfo*> pEquipments; char forceName[76];//0xC48 int eChoiceForce = -1;//0xC94 __int8 choiceType = -1;//0xC98 __int8 FirstChoiceType = -1;//0xC99 char charDataName[128];//0xC9A int by
  2. class Renderer { public: char pad_0000[36]; //0x0000 LPDIRECT3DDEVICE9 pDevice; //0x0024 char pad_0028[52]; //0x0028 int32_t DesktopResolutionX; //0x005C int32_t DesktopResolutionY; //0x0060 }; //Size: 0x0064 class SFD3DMgr { public: char pad_0000[8]; //0x0000 class Renderer* pRender; //0x0008 int32_t WindowWidth; //0x000C int32_t WindowHeight; //0x0010 LPDIRECT3DDEVICE9 GetDevice() { return (IsValidPtr(this) && IsValidPtr(this->pRender) && IsValidPtr(this->pRender->pDevice) ? this->pRender->pDevice : nullptr); } }; //Size: 0x0014 class SFPathMgr
  3. DWORD OFFSET_LOCAL = 0x2993F2C;//LocalPlayer Entity DWORD OFFSET_MODELFACTORY = 0x2995E80;//Post bone data DWORD PlayerFOV = 0x178D240;//You can use it for aimbot DWORD OFFSET_SCENECONTEXT = 0x2789444;//WorldToScreen DWORD OFFSET_DCRYPTENTITY = 0x167D20;//Function that retrieves decrypted Entity from their list DWORD OFFSET_MAINAPP = 0x2991D90;//MainApp + 0x10 = ClientApp which is the first param of the DecryptEntity where the second one is the encrypted entity offset and third param being null. DWORD PyGame = 0x2A48E4C;//PyGame + 0x168 -> DynamicScene, retrieve physx body
  4. Mind sharing what's the writable yaw and pitch for sf ? This is what i reversed last time but havent finished yet prolly all the yaw & pitch stuff is not writable class AVCFirstPersonCamera { public: char pad_0x0000[0x4]; //0x0000 D3DXMATRIX ViewMatrix; //0x0004 char pad_0x0044[0x68]; //0x0044 D3DXVECTOR3 N0000F94B; //0x00AC D3DXVECTOR3 N0000F948; //0x00B8 D3DXVECTOR3 N0000F945; //0x00C4 D3DXVECTOR3 N0000F942; //0x00D0 D3DXVECTOR2 YawPitch; //0x00DC char pad_0x00E4[0xAC]; //0x00E4 D3DXVECTOR3 N00036FCE; //0x0190 char pad_0x019C[0
  5. Bugged lang sa screenshot ko. Sa visible check may virtual function na rayCast sa npscene. Fixing padin ako sa ibang features laki nung patch nila :V
  6. ModelFilter : namespace ModelFilter { class WeaponData { public: class Rifles { public: Rifles(std::string tmp) { riflename = tmp; } bool isLibertyAlpha() {//Basic Rifle return (riflename.find("ar08") != std::string::npos); } bool isDrakeBuster() {//Advanced Rifle return (riflename.find("ar09") != std::string::npos); } bool isCrusader() {//Rare Advanced Rifle return (riflename.find("ar10") != std::string::npos); } bool isDirectConfrontation() {//Basic Rifle return (riflename.find("ar11") != std::string::npos); } bool isDelta() {//Basic R
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