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  1. Ayos to may pang mix. Kaso di sya ganon kalakas sa boss ng lost temple. Okay yung SK for ZA Mode, kaya lang di natatamaan yung mga gumugulong na zombies . Sabagay pub cheat kaya mdami pang aayosin, hopefully maayos nila yon.
  2. Working sya ! Win10 Okay sya pang DM/GM/RM but sa ZA you can't rely on it that much. Hopefully lakihan ni ma'am/sir @XorEax target enlargement with AUTO head silver or Gold sa semi-vip . Pang Lost Temple.
  3. Howdy


    Great, Fast internet speed! What's your Plan by the way? Here's mine
  4. Happy Birthday to me! :dance4:

  5. Let Us Pray

    O God, whose only begotton Son,
    by His life, death, and resurrection has
    purchased for us the rewards of eternal life,
    Grant, we beseech Thee, that meditating
    upon these mysteries in the most Holy Rosary
    of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we may
    imitate what they contain, and obtain what
    they promise: through the same Christ our Lord.


  6. Coffin meme - You know I'll go get.

  7. My mind says no but my body says yes quotes.

  8. Mapanakit mga babae.

  9. Hi guys, I'm Howdy was invited here from PHO i'll be looking forward mingling with you guys.
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