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  1. Date Update: Monday, 22 September 2020 ====================================================== Time Update: 11:24 AM ====================================================== Download link: [Hidden Content] Mirror link: [Hidden Content]
  2. Date Update: Monday, 21 September 2020 ====================================================== Time Update: 9:41 AM ====================================================== Download Latest Link: Download Latest Link: : [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] puso ko <3.net/index.php?threads/crossfire-ph-josh-h4cks-with-aimbot-fastknife-knife360-norecoil-superkill-9-22-2020.163/
  3. Link: UPDATED : [Hidden Content] VirusTotal: [Hidden Content] NOTE: 1. DISABLE FIREWALL AND ANY ANTIVIRUS, DISABLE DEP ,DISABLE UAC 2. Use Dummy Account First. 3. Use At Your Own Risk. 4. I am Not Responsible if you account suspended or banned 4.Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and 10. Ingame:
  4. Date Update: Monday, 14 September 2020 ====================================================== Time Update: 12:19 PM ====================================================== NEW ON FEATURES: Fast fire (Rifle/SG/SMG/MG) Fast reload (Rifle/SG/Sniper/DMG) No client QuickFire (Already Fixed Client Error) DOWNLOAD LINK: [Hidden Content] MIRROR LINK: [Hidden Content]
  5. RazerXJosh Public Cheat/h4ck ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- USE DUMMY ACCOUNT FIRST! USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INSTRUCTION •RUN LOADER AS ADMIN• DOWNLOAD LINK LINK 1: Offline LINK 2: Offline VIRUSL TOTAL [Hidden Content] [FILE IS SAFE FALSE ALARM] INFORMAT
  6. Crossfire Cheat? 

  7. Instructions: *Run as admin the loader * Enter your PHC Forum Account (Username and Password) Not Email * Activate your Key here * Go to : [Hidden Content] * Login your PHC Forum account * Paste your key then click "activate new key" * Go back to the loader * Click Load * Open CFPH Game! * Enjoy! DOWNLOAD LINK: [Hidden Content]
  8. h4ck FEATURES Full Functions Wallhack [F2] colors [F3] Ghost Chams [F4] Ghost Chams [F4] Phantom chams [F6] Point mode [F7] See Ghost / FullBright [F8] With a New [sa puso ko <3]P3ps! Loader my OLD Hook Work Agian Via XignCode3 Bypass Get Activation KEy: [Hidden Content] Use At Your Own Risk! Use Your Dummy Account First. Credits: LU - Function [A.Cz]XorEax - CShell bypass [VB]Zet - Method [P.H.O]Jhunz1337 - New Injection Method Download Link: [Hidden Content]
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