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  1. UserName: pizpick12 Name: Gabriel Lascuna Age: 19 Gender: Male Birthday: April 17,2001 Location: Davao City, Philippines Email Address: [email protected] Hobbies: Playing Online Games, Watching Anime, Playing Guitar, Singing Game Played: Dota 2, LOL, PUBG, CSGO, CFPH, Minecraft, Fortnite, ROS
  2. UserName: pizpick12 Name: Gabriel Lascuna Age: 19 Gender: Male Birthday: April 17, 2001 Location: Davao City, Philippines Email Address: [email protected] Hobbies: Playing Online Games, Playing Guitar, Singing, Watching Anime Game Played: Dota 2, LOL, CFPH, ROS, CSGO, Minecraft, PUBG, Fortnite.
  3. Tennessee-born comedian, actor, and podcast host Nate Bargatze is back with his second hour-long Netflix original comedy special. Download Link: Nate Bargatze The Greatest A
  4. pizpick12


    When a VHS-tape proves the existence of a rumored doorway to paradise, a young man abandons his decaying hometown in pursuit of the door to salvation, evading vengeful pursuers along the way.
  5. A renowned exorcist who teams up with a rookie priest for his first day of training. As they plunge deeper into hell on earth, the lines between good and evil blur, and their own demons emerge.
  6. Chinook the Alaskan Malamute must lead a shipwrecked blind man out of the wilderness, while the man's children launch a rescue mission of their own. Download Link: Hero Dog
  7. pizpick12


    A university student returns home to self isolate during lockdown. He's totally alone, he's caught the virus and in order to cope he's started to talk to himself. Download Link: Homesick (2021) [720p] [WEBRip
  8. pizpick12


    Passionate about ocean life, a filmmaker sets out to document the harm that humans do to marine species - and uncovers alarming global corruption. Download Link: Seaspiracy (2021) [720p] [WEBRip] [YTS.MX]
  9. The Secret Magic Control Agency sends its two best agents, Hansel and Gretel, to fight against the witch of the Gingerbread House. Download Link: Secret Magic Control Agency (20
  10. South African comedian Loyiso Gola serves up filter-free humor as he riffs about race, identity, politics, and a school prank gone embarrassingly wrong! Download Link: Loyiso Gola Unlearning (2021) [720p] [WEBRip] [YTS.MX]
  11. This documentary contains the most compelling footage, stabilized, slowed down and in High Def than ever before regarding a famous case in the history of these creatures. This documentary goes over a historical accounts and a data backed scientific approach to the existence of this creature.
  12. pizpick12


    The coming-of-age story of Alfred "Boogie" Chin, a basketball phenom living in Queens, New York, who dreams of one day playing in the NBA. While his parents pressure him to focus on earning a scholarship to an elite college, Boogie must find a way to navigate a new girlfriend, high school, on-court rivals and the burden of expectation.
  13. pizpick12


    When the murder of a migrant worker shakes a southwest border town to its core, the feud between a newspaper owner and the chief of police leads to the blurring of the truth and a dirty fight for justice.
  14. pizpick12


    A wide-eyed, ambitious student auditions for a role that could change his life. To succeed, he must impress two draconian judges at any cost.
  15. Nest of Vampires follows an MI5 agent who travels from London to rural England in search of the people who murdered his wife and kidnapped his only daughter. During his investigation, he uncovers a ruthless vampiric cult that is heavily embroiled in human trafficking and Satanic cult worship.
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