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  1. UserName: MINA Name: AJ LUISTRO Age: 21 Gender: MALE Birthday: December 11, 1999 Location: Angeles City, Pampanga Email Address: [email protected] Hobbies: reading, playing guitar, listening to music Game Played: CrossFire, CSGO, DOTA, LoL, Valorant
  2. Disk Partitioning is a section of a storage device. It can be a Hard Disk Drive or Solid State Drive. Storage Devices can be formatted to create partitions. Why do we need to Partition a Disk? Disk partitions can help users to organize their files, such as documents, videos, games, or photos most likely if you have a large storage space. Partitioning your disk can also protect your system data from being corrupted as each partitions has its own file system. In my case, I have partitioned my disk and separated my Operating System; which is in the (C:) drive,
  3. May tatlong engineering students ang nag-uusap-usap tungkol sa kung sino ang nagdisenyo ng katawan ng tao. Sabi ng una, "Siguro Mechanical Engineer yung gumawa. Tingnan mo naman yung mga kasukasuan! (Joints)" Sabi ng ikalawa, "Hindi siguro. Electrical Engineer gumawa niyan. Dun pa lang sa Nervous System natin marami nang electrical connections." Sabi naman ng pangatlo, "Ano bang sinasabi niyo? Sa katunayan, Civil Engineer ang may gawa niyan. Sino pa ba yung maglalagay ng toxic waste pipeline dun sa espada di'ba?"
  4. Hello Guys! Hindi ako mahilig magbasa sa Wattpad. Pero mayroon akong nabasa na siguro magiging interested din kayo. Siguro karamihan sa inyo alam niyo na itong story na ito pero suggest ko pa rin. Isa siyang University Series sa Wattpad at pangatlo siya. Chasing in the Wild (University Series #3). Kung may alam din kayong magagandang stories sa Wattpad na pwede kong mabasa, I'm more than happy to consider your suggestions. Hindi talaga ako mahilig sa Wattpad kaya ito pa lang yung pinakaunang story na nabasa ko. HAHAHA. Chasing in the Wild (University Series #3
  5. PC gamers may be familiar with Nvidia, who manufactures excellent GPUs for most PCs to make it capable of playing most of the games we like. Nvidia leads 17.5 percent of the GPU market back at 2017, and just overtaken its rival, AMD, that lies down at 14.4 percent. This is according to Jon Peddie Research. Thus, Nvidia GPUs as said are in the presence of most gamers PCs. If you're using one of Nvidia's GeForce GTX graphics cards, it is best for you to download Nvidia GeForce Experience desktop software. Where in this app is a bestfriend in enhancing PC gaming experience. How
  6. MINA


    Most people wanted a second chance, which in fact is a difficult one to grant. Especially, when life goes wrong in the process and we wanted to start all over again. What if life given you another shot? Burr Steers' 17 Again is a 2009 American fantasy comedy film. The film follows 37-year-old Mike (Matthew Perry) who becomes his 17-year-old self (Zac Efron) after a chance accident. The film also stars Leslie Mann, Thomas Lennon, Michelle Trachtenberg, Melora Hardin and Sterling Knight in supporting roles. The film was released in the United States on April 17, 2009. On Rotten Tomato
  7. MINA


    If you don't have enough money to buy SSD and you're having trouble that your PC boots up a little bit slow, this may help you solve the problem. If you're having Windows 10, try to disable the startup apps that you don't use frequently. You can access startup apps in your task manager as shown below. Then, try to make your desktop a little bit clean just like this. Lastly, make sure you defragment your Hard disk (C:) weekly. Doing this often will keep your disk free from any trash files, temporary files, and any unwanted files which may
  8. Ginagamit ko tong cheat na to dati. Meron pa bang gumagawa niyan ngayon? o tinuloy ba nila yung coding nila?
  9. Available pa ba to? May nakita kasi ako na interested dito e
  10. MINA

    Iba ang pinoy

    I am not against the singer but I do not like how the lyrics of this were composed. Just an opinion of mine. No need for debates okaaayyy
  11. By some means, Can I download to these sites too?
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