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  1. Log OFF: Wrong user and pass input ( some symbols are not allowed ) Usable Time is less than Current Time - TIMEOUT status - ( none donators only ) HID (Hardware ID) not activated Loader HID and Forum HID are different (Wrong PC used) Status not ready to use - ( none donators only ) Adware and Virus infection ( check recommended antivirus below for repairing infection ) Error Load X: Least-Privilege ( run as admin ) Virus infection Outdated target client ( Crossfire client, etc... ) Error Load I:
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  3. UserName : EzzAs Name : JayJay Dela Cruz Age : 20 Gender : Male Birthday : March 15, 2001 Location : Angeles City, Philippines Email : [email protected] Hobbies : Watching YouTube, Playing Game Played : CFPH, PharaohCF
  4. UserName: alyssaq Name: alyssa quimbo Age: 19 Gender: Male Birthday: May 06,2003 Location: Cebu City PH Email Address: [email protected] Hobbies: Basketball Game Played: Crossdire, Rules of Survival
  5. UserName: aaronmendoza20 Name: Aaron Mendoza Age: 15 Gender: Male Birthday: february 20 2006 Location: Bancal Guagua Pampanga Email Address: [email protected] Hobbies: basketball, online games Game Played: crossfire,ros,ml
  6. Username: Mystic928 Name: Jefferson Age: 14 Birthday: September 28, 2006 Location: Metro Manila Hobbies: Playing Guitar, Piano, Online games, Eating. Email address: [email protected]
  7. UserName: Makoy11 Name: Marco Chan Age: 18 Gender: Male Birthday: September 11 2002 Location: Baranggay Rosario, Pasig City Email Address: [email protected] Hobbies: Watched Movies, Playing Game Played: Mobile Legends, Pubg Mobile, Call of duty, Crossfire ph, Crossfire Pharaoh, League of Legends.
  8. Tools for expired Teamviewer What is Teamviewer TeamViewer is a popular piece of software used for Internet-based remote access and support. TeamViewer software can connect to any PC or server, so you can remote control your partner's PC as if you were sitting right in front of it Download link Teamviewer : teamviewer.com/en/ Tools Link : [Hidden Content]
  9. UserName:Brixorlento Name:Brix Age:21 Gender: Male Birthday:Nov,11,1999 Location: Taguig Email Address: [email protected] Hobbies:Computer Games Game Played:CrossfirePH,Valorant,Rules of Survival
  10. UserName:Reviharry Name:Kein jusay Age: 23 Gender: male Birthday: july 31 1997 Location: Davao del norte , panabo city , brgy: new pandan Email Address: [email protected] Hobbies: PC Gamer , Mobile Gamer and always thinking Game Played: Mobile legends , Crossfire , Valorant , GTA V , Dota 2
  11. UserName:GenorioSuelto Name:John Carlo Suelto Age:16 Gender: Male Birthday:January 15,2005 Location: Lapu-Lapu Cebu City PH Email Address: [email protected] Hobbies:Basketball,Soccer Game Played:Crossfire,Rules of survival,Brawlhalla,ROBLOX
  12. UserName: moymoy Name: Moymoy D. Quistorio Age: 21 Gender: Male Birthday: March 22 2000 Location: Malabon City Email Address: [email protected] Hobbies: Playing CF Game Played: CF-ROS-LOL-ML-COD-PUBG
  13. UserName: purenightmare Name: Jhayr coronia Age: 19 Gender: male Birthday: July 21, 2001 Location: 9a, Lawa, Obando, Bulacan Email Address: [email protected] Hobbies: Playing Basket Ball. Playing Mobile Games And PC Games Like Crossfire Ph, Mobile Legend, Call Of Duty and more. I Like Singing Too. And Dancing When I Alone hehehe Game Played: I Really Love Playing Crossfire Ph At Home And Mobile Legend To Reduce My Stress
  14. UserName:petergwapo123 Name:PeterLeam Pitogo Age:17 Gender: Male Birthday:Aug 25, 2004 Location: Cebu City, PH Email Address: [email protected] Hobbies:Playing video games,Listening Music , Watching Action Movies Game Played: Crossfire Ph ,RulesOfSurvival ,Roblox
  15. UserName: DawnSato Name: Anthony Age: 17 Gender: Male Birthday: july 13 Location: Negros Oriental, Philippines Email Address: [email protected] Hobbies: Frisbee Game Played: CrossfirePH
  16. UserName: pizpick12 Name: Gabriel Lascuna Age: 19 Gender: Male Birthday: April 17,2001 Location: Davao City, Philippines Email Address: [email protected] Hobbies: Playing Online Games, Watching Anime, Playing Guitar, Singing Game Played: Dota 2, LOL, PUBG, CSGO, CFPH, Minecraft, Fortnite, ROS
  17. UserName: Madie123 Name: Jumadie Labajo Age: 20 Gender: Male Birthday: September 11 2000 Location: Cebu City, Talisay Email Address: [email protected] Hobbies: Computer, Cellphone Game Played: Crossfire, Genshin Impact, Valorant,
  18. User Name : JasonCode Name : Jason Masocol Age : 18 Gender : Male Birthday : March 24,2003 Location : Cebu City , Bulacao Pardo Hobbies ; Basketball , Playing Computer GamePlayed : Crossfire ,League of Legends , Mobile Legends , Dota 2
  20. User Name : junjun23 Name : Anthony Bajande Age : 17 Gender : Male Birthday : January 1,2004 Location : Bacolod City , Negros Occidental Hobbies ; Basketball , Playing Computer GamePlayed : Crossfire , Rules of Survival , League of Legends , Mobile Legends , Dota 2
  21. UserName: Jabiii Name: Kurt Jhaive A. Saldi Age: 16 years old Gender: Male Birthday: July 05 2004 Location: Obando Bulacan Email Address: [email protected] Hobbies: Playing guitar, playing computer games especially, also watching NASA stuffs, SpaceX too Game Played: Crossfire, Valorant, and League of Legends
  22. UserName: kritszy Name: Dave Issey Lim Age: 19 Gender: Male Birthday: January 19, 2002 Location: Prk. Camingawan Proper Brgy. Taloc, Bago City Neg. Occ Email Address: [email protected] Hobbies: I love to play online and board games . I also love to eat vanilla ice cream and mango float. Game Played: I play CrossFire, League of Legends, APEX Legends, Valorant and Fortnite
  23. User Name: johnrainiermano Name: John rainier Age:18 BirthDay: June 25 2002 Location: Pasay City Email Address:[email protected] Hobbies:Playing Musical instrument Like Guitar And Drums Game Played:Dota 2 CrossFire League Of Legends
  24. Hi I am Clark and here's my little bit info UserName:MNSK Name:Clark SubingSubing Age:22 Gender: Male Birthday:September 16, 1998 Location: Cebu City Email Address: [email protected] Hobbies:Playing Piano, Guitar, Drawing, Reading Manga/Manwha Game Played:CrossFire, Black Desert, Call of Duty, MU
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