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As people say, and from my experience, they ban/block your MAC address, and that's good because that can easily be bypassed. Not really that easy but for me, it is very easy. There's a method on how to change your MAC address and I won't tell you how here. However, you could search it in Google. I've seen a program that changes your MAC address but I don't trust them for some reason because you could just do it manually without any programs but programs are easy to use but as I said, I don't trust them, I haven't even used one before so I just do it manually, but I don't know about you. You could always try them though.

If you "only" got IP banned, then that's also easy to be bypassed by 2 methods. 1 is if you have a dynamic IP address like I do, then you could just restart your router and your IP will automatically changed. The 2nd method is to use a VPN. You could search in Google for a free VPN but I guarantee you that it won't be comfortable and etc... but they do work though. I also cannot recommend you a good free VPN since I have a paid VPN which is ExpressVPN (But it got expired and I don't really care anymore because that wasn't mine and it was from my friend who let me borrow his VPN and since I have a dynamic IP address which I could simply just restart my router and ta-da!!)

Orrrr, if your username/account/whatever got banned, then you can't do anything about it unless you h4ck their database or something and unban yourself, lol.

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pra sakin lang nuh.. I cany call them as an programmer kasi di nman sakanila yung game... matatawag ko lang sila hacker or anons.. 

pangit ang IP ban.. mas maganda MAC ban.. ang IP ban pra lang sa mga bansa na ayaw magpasali ng ibang bansa... example PH tapos ayaw magpasali ng SG.. baban nila IP ng PH pra di mka sali.. pero meron paring VPN changer... pero ones na nalaman ng IT/GM/CM ng game na from other country ka dun na sila mag mamac ban

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I think it is nearly impossible to recover a banned account unless you request a talk to the GMs and present your apology for whatever reason that got you banned in the first place.

I've seen one account in SF2 that was recovered by the owner by talking with the GMs. I hope this helps you.

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