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SF2 PUB Client v1.4

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Account Requirements: 50+ Posts ( avoid spam ) - Posts requirements may change from time to time Profile Photo Account warning below 2 Supported OS: Windows VIsta Windows 7 Windows 8 / 8.1 Windows 10 Hack:  PhysX SpecialForce 2 Cracked ( UnderGroundGaming / VIPCheats SF2 VIP ) Hack Requirements: For x32/x86 install this: Hidden Content 1de94d9683ec83c

#locked - 1.5 version released   

sa mga di nakakaalam kung ano yung Bit ng operating system nila (x32 or 64)
press windows button
look for "My Computer" or "computer" icon or button
right click then click Properties
tapos may lalabas na window
hanapin nyo yung System Type: makikita nyo if 32 or 64 bit yung operating system nyo

sana makatulong

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15 minutes ago, pspjake28 said:

Hidden Content

    Give reaction or reply to this topic to see the hidden content.
 <<< link ng screen shot ko .. working NO CRASH working INSERT BUTTON 15 


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Several members received warning points for "REPLYING OUT OF SUBJECT" 

Please be guided that if you'll reply, make sure na connected sa topic which is PHYSX v1.0.4


Hindi ako masyadong nakakapag-online this past few days, pero it doesn't mean that i'm not watching all of what's happening here. 

Be guided and be informed na "Account warning below 2" ang requirement ng cheat, and replying out of subject will cost you additional 3 warning points, removing the privilege for you to ise this pub release. PLEASE DON'T SPAM AND PLEASE STICK TO THE TOPIC.

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