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3. Walkthrough - Tips For Jah'rakal, The Troll Warlord In A 1 On 1 Battle.

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Level tips: Take only Jah'rakal's third and first skill when you're at the starting level
of 1-5. Take the last skill when you reach level 6. DO NOT take Jah'rakal's second skill
unless you've already maxed-out your 1st, 3rd, last skill and your stats.

Note: Try "Harassment" meaning; simply killing/scaring or putting your enemy Hero to
near-death from the start and not letting him/her level up, this would guarantee you a
sure win in your 1 on 1 Battle.

Item tips: At your starting level. Try get 3 "Wraith Bands", a "Boots of Speed or Power
Treads (Green= Agility)", a "Ring of Basilius (you may choose Helm of the Dominator or
Mask of Death if you're trying to save-up gold)", and a "Teleportation Scroll (or 2
Healing Salves instead)". If you have achieved a high level (level 6 or so). Try saving-up
gold for the following items: "Sange and Yasha", "Buriza do Kyanon", "Satanic", "The
Butterfly", a "Cranium Basher (you may replace this instead with the Black King Bar)", and
the "Eye of Skadi" (you may replace this with the Stygian Desolator or Lothar's Edge).

credit : dotacheatcode

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It will be good if you farm fast and make lothar's edge.

By 15min --> Agility Power Treads, helm of dominator, lothar's edge, 2 wraith bands and Town Portal( for moving about)
After making this items by 15 or below. Go on hunt heroes down with lothar's egde with melee form.

Late game ---> Agility power trades, satanic, butterfly, buriza-do kyanon, black king bar (BKB), monkey king bar (MKB) 

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