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Windows 10 SuperLite (FBConan) Version 2

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Windows 10 SuperLite (FBConan) Version 2
ISO Size: 1.08 GB UEFI Bootable
Supported Languages: English only during install, Additional Language Packs after
Architecture: 64 Bit
Edition: Professional
From Original MS Windows ISO Build: 19042.870 (20H2)


Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor
Hard Disk Space: 8 GB
Graphics card: DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver

Create UEFI bootable USB with Rufus Tool
Activation: Not pre-activated, Activator included on Desktop if needed

NEW INCLUDED FEATURES (From Previous Build):
Network Adapter Drivers Pre-Installed
Internet Explorer Installed
Windows Media Player Installed
Remote Desktop Connection Software and Services Installed
Defragment and Optimize Drives Service now Functional
Quick Assist Installed
DirectX Diagnostic Tool Installed
Action Center can now be Enabled and Functional
Improved Language Pack Support

.NET Framework 3.5 Pre-Installed
All Keyboard Types Supported
Additional Language Pack Installation Supported
Tablet PC Support
On Screen Keyboard Installed
Tablet Math Input Panel Installed
MS Office Support
Non DCH Driver Support
Printer Support and Print Spooler Services
Bluetooth Support
Wireless LAN Support
Windows Store and applicable Services
Windows Update Service (Needed for Windows Store and adding Language Packs)
Wired Xbox 360 controller Support
Wireless Xbox One and Xbox Series X Bluetooth Connection Support
Metered Connection Functional
DirectPlay Legacy Feature Installed
Explorer Quick Access Functional
Mobility Center Installed
Full .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 Installed (for software compatibility)
Windows PowerShell Installed
Character Map Installed
Paint Installed
VPN Support
Mobile Hotspot Support
Windows Fax and Scan Installed
Windows Photo Viewer Installed
Windows Notifications Enabled
Windows Sounds Enabled
Resource Monitor
Performance Monitor
Disk Cleanup
And More...

Power Throttling
All Ads
App Lookup in Store
Automatic Maintenance
Download Blocking
Error Reporting
Action Center
Live Tiles

Microsoft Edge (Installer Included on Desktop for Optional Installation)
Security Center
All Modern UI Apps
Backup and Restore
Xbox Live Services
Mixed Reality
Windows Features Settings in Control Panel
And More...

Added right click context menu for PowerShell, kill tasks, restart explorer, send to desktop (create shortcut), command prompt normal, and command prompt administrator
Reduced Desktop icon spacing
Increased desktop background image quality
Transparent task bar
Added PCI Express Link State Power Management to power options (recommend set to off to boost pc performance)
Services and System tweaks made to facilitate lower system resource use, and improve overall performance
Privacy Settings adjusted for greater security

INCLUDED APPS: (On Desktop For Optional Installation)
7Zip ver 2101
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Edge
Old Calculator
StartIsBack ver 2.9.8
TinyWall Firewall ver 3
WinAero Tweaker ver
Custom Registry Files Included on Desktop to Enable or Disable Action Center (requires Signing Out)

This build is meant to be similar to a stock Windows 10 experience in look and feel, no custom themes, icons, cursors, sounds, etc.

This build is designed for laptop use, so has Mobility Center, WiFi support, Bluetooth support etc.

This build cannot receive future OS Features and Updates, and is intended to be that way. Because of this, the OS will remain stable, and the size of it will not grow exponentially like full Windows installs tend to, but remain the same.


Most Network card drivers have been included with this version, but it's always a good idea to have updated drivers for your hardware available and backed up if needed! Cheers.

Credits : FBConan TeamOS

Good for Gaming!


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