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How to limit internet speed for anyone on the same network (Selfish net)

- Detect all connected devices on the network, both wired and wireless
- Gives you a speed info of everyone on the network so you can know which one pulls the full speed
- You can block or limit the connection of every one on the network
- You can use this tool at any network Home, Work, Cyber Cafe ....ect.
- It doesn't need to access the router settings, no need for user name or password.

What should you do to make this tool works
- This tool work in all windows platform from XP to 10
- Make sure NetFramework 2 & 3 is installed
- You need to install WinPcap you can download last version from Official Site
- You have to run the tool as administrator
- Allow the tool through Firewall

How to use SelfishNet
- Open SelfishNet as administrator "
- Select the Network Interface card then hit Ok
- Click Network Discovery to detect all devices connected to the network that you are in
- Click Start redirecting-spoofing
- Then you can block or set a limit to anyone connected to your network

Note: Install nyo muna Winpcap 1 time

"Run as Administrator"

Select NIC

Network Discovery or Conected List

Start Monitoring and Spoofing

Set Limit

Speed : KB/s = Kilobyte
1mbps = 125
2mbps = 256
3mbps = 375
4mbps = 500
5mbps = 625

Recomended Wifi Limit
Download cap = 64-128
Upload cap = 64-100

Optional Combo

Wifi Hotspot Laptop or etc..

Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) is the use of a device with Internet access such as 3G cellular service, broadband via Ethernet, or other Internet gateway as an access point for other devices.Advantage and Disadvantage

Malimit at ma Block mo yung matakaw sa internet at makita mo pa ilan naka konek at real time speed

Eto kung shop owner, home, Pisonet / tapos ibang tao ang gagamit nito dapat may pangontra ka
i block ang program sa client or bawalan pero kung may firewall ka wala kanaman sigurong katakot like mikrotik or pfsense etc..

Protect Your Self
kung may gumamit din nito iba



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