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Depression is one of the most common problem on teens and adults aging around 16-30, most of the causes could be love or loss of jobs. 
Each year around thousands of registered deaths are caused by suicide that is caused by depression, most of the causes are family problems and the reasons above stated 
Most Victims are Male  that suffers from family problems.
Preventing depression is one of the hardest task in the world as it covers the mental health of the victim.

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Man payo ko lang about jan sa Depression is simple lang. Live a Healthy Life. Lagi kong sinasabi sa mga kaibigan ko pag nahingi sila ng tulong "Bro, Wag kang lalapit sakin tungkol sa problema mo maliban nalang kung physically and mentally healthy ka, nag eexercise ka daily, maayos at mahaba ang tulog mo at nag wowork out ka."  

Alam mo kung bakit? kase doing those things will relieve the hell out of your stress. Mas makakapag isip ka mentally and will make you choose wiser decisions. Cause im a living proof of doing that will make you overcome your depression.

I was literally a weakling when highschool (but im a tall and normal body (not that thin) like im the type of person na laging pinaka matangkad at malaki sa class). But I cant play basketball. Im weak as that. Seeing my classmates having fun while doing the sports makes me jealous, I wanna experience that too. But I cant cause im a real quitter and just definitely a weakling. So i started to discipline my self and make my body toned. I found boxing and im inlove with it. I realized Basketball's not for me after all. I felt i was built for boxing. From that day i started to do atleast 1km run a day (mostly di ko nagagawa yang 1k sa una pero ok lang basta tuloy tuloy lang hanggang mag improve) and do some 100 pushups, pullup and sit up (those 3 exercises is a good way of starting to discipline and making your body gets used to it is a good start in body building). Of course sa 1st try di ko lahat matapos yan, but the thing is you'll continue forward until you can. Thats the secret, pin pointing your goal and after reaching that, increase the repetition and sets. And when i used to it, I started to expand my exercise, Calisthenics is the best way to get toned for non athletic like me before. Sabi nga nila, buhatin mo muna sarili mong katawan bago ka mag buhat ng barbels etc. And calisthenics ang sagot jan ;) Anyway dito ko na tatapusin to. Now im 19 and happy living the healthy life.

Overcome your Depression by starting to do something New. Stay out of your comfort zone and Expand your capability. Human Body has an unlimited potential making us as the primest of all apex predator.

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This is a very sensitive topic. To those people who suffers depression and reading this article, my advice is seek help from a professional like Psychiatrist.
Depression is not just a sadness, it's also a chemical imbalances in the brain due to insufficient levels of serotonin in the brain.

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