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[Release][V137.1.a]Angel Light Launcher

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Hi, PerfectLight here. [i leeched this from another forum]

Someone created fake facebook account of me, I would like to warn the public not to do that, I have a facebook account named DBLmao , facebook account creation date should be November 13, 2013, DO NOT accept/add any request from people claiming its DBLmao.

Angel Launcher/Trainer is FOC for now, if anyone saw someone selling it/posting on other sites, action will be taken. Do not buy any license from people claiming that they are selling the trainer.

I heard from sources that, some people, is acting as me in real life, to those people, please get a life, I am currently studying at ITE(Do not look down at us/me).

I also seen and heard people complaining my trainer on rival sites, AS forums, and even sending my files(IBox) to AsiaSoft, I mean no harm to anyone, I know you all are trying to be good players, but lets face it, MapleStory is a screwed up game....

To those bias or bootlickers of rival trainers, I am trying to be nice here, I am researching and developing new h4cks, I wish to tell you all that, never never be too dependent on someone's work/trainer. I hope the recent down time of that trainer and no public h4cks will tell u why...

I releasing the trainer here so that everyone can enjoy the last moments of Generic No Delay, Generic No Delay is patched in GMS/JMS/TWMS/CMS, sooner or later it will be patched in MSEA. Generic No Delay has been around since last year feb, and lasted for 1 year plus, its the main feature of any trainer/bot, RIP...



Its been long since i release a trainer for free/the public. This release consist of 3 stuff.

  1. Full MSCRC Bypass, Full BlackCipher Bypass, Semi HS Bypass, Process List send blocker, Dual Client Detection Bypass , V2.1
  2. Angel Light Trainer V137.1.A
  3. Angel Light Launcher itself


OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 64 bits
Any other OS is not supported!

Types of HS Bypass:

  1. Hackshield less bypass - Used for multi clients, need to cc every 4-5 minutes else dc, able to debug MS
  2. Hackshield Bypass - No need cc, only 1 client can use this type, other clients must be ran with option 1 to enable multi client usage
  • Windows 7 - Able to debug MS, able to use CE, allow dll injections
  • Windows 8 / 8.1 - Not able to debug MS, not able to use CE, not allowed to inject dlls


  1. Full MS CRC Bypass - bypasses all 7 CRCs
  2. Full BlackCipher Bypass - BlackCipher will not be loaded/excuted
  3. Process List Send Blocker - Asiasoft is tracking your process list, the bypass blocks the packet being sent
  4. Dual Client Detection Bypass - The bypass modify the MAC address sent to the server, bypassing the dual client detection check


Automatic injection of Bypass, trainer will be injected depending on user's preference.
Plays Angel Light trainer intro & music

Future Updates:

  1. Auto Updater


  1. Auto HP/MP, Auto Attack X2, Auto Loot X2, Auto CS,Auto CC, unlimited skill macros
  2. http://www.mediafire.com/view/khkbkg3o8t7h1f4/h4cks.txt

Future Updates:

  1. Include FM Searcher
  2. Add Auto Buy/sell (coding is completed)
  3. Save/Load Settings
  4. DS/Kanna PG -

Click Here!


  1. Download RAR file
  2. Extract everything to a folder
  3. Run Angel Light Launcher V2.3.exe as admin
  4. watch video
  5. click the "..." button and select ur MapleStory Directory
  6. Type in any username in the textbox and click "Save Username" button
  7. Click "Create MapleStory Instance"
  8. Select Yes for Type 1 HS Bypass, Select No for Type 2 HS Bypass
  9. ???
  10. Profit

~~~~~~~~~~~~Download Link~~~~~~~~~~~~


~~~~~~~~~~~~Virus Scan~~~~~~~~~~~~




  1. Generic No Delay does ban for certain jobs(eg. Phantom 2nd job, dual blade[not confirm],bandit[not confirm]
  2. GND FMA will ban if u attack too slow
  3. Do not show off!
  4. Do not spread the trainer

~~~~~~~~~~~~Known Bugs~~~~~~~~~~~~

  1. Sometimes client will crash when logging in(after typing username and password)
  2. Xenon PG will give errors
  3. DS/Kanna PG not working(only teleporting to mobs)
  4. Zakum Prequest level 1 rusher not working(i modified the map rusher code and it got affected by it)


  • DBLmao
  • Team Imminent
  • Script Creators'


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it has been years since i last played maplesea, and that time h4cks were not easy to find, if this works for the current updated SEA version, i might give it a try.


those times h4cks like this were sold in forums, not free.....


the only h4cks that are easy to find are private maplestory....


anw good share.

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