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Temp & Prefetch Cleaner


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del %temp%\*.tmp /f /s /qdel %windir%\prefetch\*.* /f /s /qdel %windir%\temp\*.* /f /s /qrmdir /s /q %windir%\temp\del c:\*.tmp /f /s /qdel d:\*.tmp /f /s /qdel c:\temp\*.tmp /f /s /qdel d:\temp\*.tmp /f /s /qdel c:\windows\prefetch\*.* /f /s /qdel d:\windows\prefetch\*.* /f /s /qdel c:\windows\temp\*.* /f /s /qdel d:\windows\temp\*.* /f /s /qdel c:\win98\temp\*.* /f /s /qdel d:\win98\temp\*.* /f /s /qdel c:\winnt\temp\*.* /f /s /qdel d:\winnt\temp\*.* /f /s /qdel c:\winme\temp\*.* /f /s /qdel d:\winme\temp\*.* /f /s /qrmdir /s /q c:\windows\temp\rmdir /s /q d:\windows\temp\del C:\"Documents and Settings"\%username%\Cookies\*.* /f /s /qdel D:\"Documents and Settings"\%username%\Cookies\*.* /f /s /qdel c:\"documents and settings"\%username%\Recent\*.* /f /s /qdel D:\"documents and settings"\%username%\Recent\*.* /f /s /qdel C:\"documents and settings"\%username%\"local settings"\temp\*.* /f /s /qdel D:\"documents and settings"\%username%\"local settings"\temp\*.* /f /s /qrmdir /s /q c:\"documents and settings"\%username%\"local settings"\temp\rmdir /s /q d:\"documents and settings"\%username%\"local settings"\temp\del C:\"documents and settings"\%username%\"Local Settings"\"temporary internet files"\*.* /f /s /qdel d:\"documents and settings"\%username%\"local settings"\"temporary internet files"\*.* /f /s /qdel c:\"documents and settings"\%username%\"application data"\microsoft\office\recent\*.* /f /s /qdel d:\"documents and settings"\%username%\"application data"\microsoft\office\recent\*.* /f /s /qrmdir /s /q C:\"documents and settings"\%username%\"local settings"\"temporary internet files"\rmdir /s /q D:\"documents and settings"\%username%\"local settings"\"temporary internet files"\

paste on notepad & save as DeleteTemps.bat

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hmm thanks for the code but what is the "Visit us @ WwW.AsianGamerz.Net" coding for?

It means "Please come to this AsianGamerz website." It does nothing. Just let you know^_^


Also thanks OP for the code. It works perfectly fine.

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