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Blg Vip V4 Increase Xigncode Speed


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                                                                                                   **** VIP V4 Try My Accounts

                                                                                                                Like If Working  


                                                                                                     Working On Win XP And Win 7


Tutorial :
Download the cheat

Extract to Desktop

Run as admin (for w7 and w8) security cleaner

Run as admin (for w7 and w8) Loader


Login This Account (Note: If You Change The Password

Of This Accounts You Cannot Receive

Anything From Me Like Premium

Accounts In VIP Sites)








No Menu? Put d3dx9_43.dll in c:\Windows\System32\d3dx9_43.dll


Download Link :



Virus Scanners 










Credits :

kuchiki12 & Asianist


For Question/Problem In The cheat Please Comment It Bellow


Please Provide An SS To Easily Fix Your Questions/Problem



Avoid This On Game :

Single Battle - Ex: Your Game Goal Is 30 Wins Do Not Make Your Kill 31 Or More Or Else You Will DC


How To Avoid? In The Start Of The Game You Are Using All Cheats Like OPK cheat Always Click TAB To See Your Kill If It Is Going To 30 Wins Just Of All Of Your Cheats Except Chams, Crosshair, No Recoil, Unli Ammo  And All Boosting Cheat (EXP & SP cheat)



Always Use  Set Teamkill (0) If You Are Using OPK cheat 


Do Not Use  5 Or More Grenades 4 Is OK But 5 Is Not You Will Be DC


Use Guerilla EXP 300 With Fix EXP (MAX)


Use Guerilla SP 50%-100% And Fix SP 4500 For Team Battle It Depends To The Battle Time


Use Guerilla SP 300%-600% And Fix SP 4500 For Single  Battle It Also Depends To The Battle Time

I Suggest To Use All Features Of The Cheat Like Unli Ammo. No Recoil, Rapid Fire, Speed cheat, Super Jump Or The Most Deadly Cheat The OPK cheat To End The Battle In A Short Time To Avoid SP To Be 5000+ It Will Not Be Recorded :(



#Links Updated

#Working As Of 10/12/14

#Please Do Not Spam Kuchiki12 Is Not A Spammer Now 

# Thanks Po @JustCry Na Realize Ko Po Na Masamang Mang Spam 

#Please Give Me A Second Chance To Fix This

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