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Assembler: call ilasm to assemble il file
Disassembler: call ildasm to disassemble assembly
Deobfuscator: de-obfuscate obfuscated assembly
Strong Name: remove strong name, sign assembly, add/remove assembly to/from GAC
PE Verify: call peverify to verify assemblies

Class Editor: browse/view assembly classes, edit method instructions
Run Method: run static methods
Profiler: Trace function calls and parameters with SimpleProfiler

Relector: plugin which call Reflector to browse selected assembly
ILMerge: plugin which call ilmerge to merge selected assemblies
Edit File: plugin which call your editor to view selected assembly
Plugin Sample: plugin sample

Copy Info: copy information of selected assemblies to clipboard
Open Folder: open container folder
Delete File: delete selected file(s)
Source: Click Here
Download: Click Here
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